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The origin and legend of the traditional Chinese Spring Festival


Days increase years Tim life, happy New Year. The Spring Festival is the most lively and solemn traditional festival for Chinese people. There are some interesting legends about its origin. One legend has it that in history, the yellow emperor fought with his chi on the first day of the first lunar month.


Another legend is that in ancient China, there was a strange beast called "nian", which was very cruel in nature. At that time, some of the more clever and brave people came up with an ingenious plan: to build a woodpile in the courtyard, and put a table outside the gate, on which were pigs' heads, cows' heads, sheep's heads, dogs' heads, realgar wine and so on.


That is called "year" after the monster saw pig head, sheep and so on, immediately comes, opens the mouth, wants to eat. People saw the monster came, immediately lit the woodpile, beat drums and gongs, set off firecrackers, immediately the fire burst into the sky, drums and gongs, firecrackers sound incessant, the monster scared to flee. Thus, people congratulate each other on peace, and later people set the first day of the first lunar month as an auspicious day.


This myth reflects people's strong will to fight against evil, as well as their wish to live and work in peace and contentment. There is also a legend is: the Chinese New Year "year", is a good year, the meaning of grain.


For thousands of years, people have been the lunar harvest is called "good year", the first day of the first month as "year", every day, everywhere gongs and drums, jubilant, later, people will see this day as the first year, a year began to become the Chinese nation and the world's Chinese people a most grand traditional festival.

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